Vegetable Wisdom

A new piece funded by a 2016 4Culture Project Grant! We performed for 1st Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square in November and again for the Capitol Hill Farmers Market on Sunday Dec. 18th. More Pics coming soon! thank you 4Culture!

Vegetable Wisdom

Art Interruptions 2014 – Hi. I’m not home right now.

The Cabbage Tree Mob is super thrilled to be part of the Art Interruptions line up on First Hill this summer! Check out their link on the temporary projects website to see all the amazing artists participating and to learn more about the entire site-specific project.

For our project we made the classic face in the hole props with a twist. These carnival cutouts comment on the tools we live with and perhaps the ones we miss; an analog approach to the reminiscence of the past, but don’t forget to take a picture and add #cabbagetreemob on Facebook and Instagram.

Big thank you to Rona Frances for her work on the drawings. Will Gundy and Erin Shafkind used these drawings to work from for each cut-out and hand-painted each board. Thank you to Wyly Astley for help with painting backgrounds.


A Mini Chicken Please!

Here we have two men participating in one of the newest West Coast Genres in Social Narratives. Do we understand play as a pastime? As a means for contemplating the bucolic life, while at the same time suffering past the banal into a revelatory state that commands, “Give me more LOLLIPOPS, SPINNING TOPS and a MINI CHICKEN – PLEASE!!!”